What are Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000®?

Anti-Stress is a blend of non-toxic, water soluble polymers that can reduce the damage from weather related stressors.   The biodegradable, foliar spray provides a unique semi-permeable membrane when applied to the top and bottom leaf surface.   Anti-Stress can minimize the effects of excessive heat, drought, drying winds, rapid climate changes, transplant shock, and frost/freeze.

When should Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® be applied?
For best results, apply Anti-Stress before stress occurs.  Plants should be thoroughly watered prior to the application of Anti-Stress.  Optimal application period is one to two weeks prior to the threat of frost, freeze or high heat.
When does Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® become effective?

The coating of Anti-Stress becomes effective when the product has dried on the plant.  The drying time of Anti-Stress is the same as water in the same weather conditions.  During periods of frost and freeze it is especially important that plants be sprayed and the film completely dried prior to frost or freezing temperatures. 

How long does Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® remain effective on the plant?

One application of Anti-Stress will remain effective 30 to 60 days, dependent on the rate of plant growth, application rate of product and weather conditions. (Excessive rain may increase breakdown.) Anti-Stress may be reapplied at any time if additional coverage is needed due to extreme weather conditions without fear of over application. To maximize effectiveness on transplants and other fast growing plants, re-spray at 30% new growth.

How should Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® be applied?

Anti-Stress may be applied with all types of sprayers including trigger, backpack and boom or air-blast field rigs.   Sufficient sprayer pressure should be used to completely coat upper and lower leaf surfaces of the entire plant.   The greatest moisture loss occurs from the lower or underside of the leaf.   It is essential that the underside of the leaf surface be covered for maximum effectiveness against weather related stress.

Can Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® be mixed with other chemicals?

Anti-Stress is not compatible with calcium or magnesium. Anti-Stress may enhance the properties of any material which it is mixed with. A standard jar test should be performed when tank mixing to determine compatibility with other chemicals being applied.

Should I use a sticker or spreader with Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000®?

No.  Anti-Stress is an excellent sticker and has a built in spreader.   Use one (1) pint Anti-Stress per 100 gallons of water for sticker purposes only.

What can I expect from Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® to combat frost and freeze?

Anti-Stress should be applied at least 24 hours prior to a freeze.  However, any application of Anti-Stress is preferred to no protection at all, so plants may be sprayed as close to potential frost as possible, as long as Anti-Stress is given time to sufficiently dry.   Expect Anti-Stress to improve the tolerance to freeze by 4° to 6° beyond the freezing point of the plant.   The more concentrated the polymer solution (i.e. 50:1 is better than 100:1) the better the plant will be in maintaining a positive water balance.   Be sure to thoroughly coat all leaf and tree surfaces.   Two separate sprays of Anti-Stress provide better spray coverage than one.

What types of weather conditions can Anti-Stress 550® and Anti-Stress 2000® minimize the damage from?

  • Frost and Freeze
  • Heat Stress
  • Drought
  • Sudden Temperature Changes
  • Wind Desiccation
  • Transplant Stress