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Anti-Stress is most beneficial when applied before stress occurs. During times of frost and freeze it is important to spray the plant so that Anti-Stress can completely dry before frost or freeze occurs. Drying time for Anti-Stress is the same as water in the same weather conditions. To reduce the effects of heat stress, Anti-Stress should be applied before temperatures exceed 97°F. Anti-Stress may be reapplied at any time if an additional coating is needed due to extreme weather conditions.

Anti-Stress may be applied with most types of conventional farm, orchard or ground spray equipment, and helicopters. Sufficient spray pressure/volume must be used to dispense Anti-Stress over and throughout the entire plant surface.

The timing of Anti-Stress applications is dependent on plant growth, climate conditions and concentration used. For maximum benefits, Anti-Stress should be applied during climate stress periods at 30-60 day intervals or at 30% new growth. For young trees, apply Anti-Stress at 30 day intervals to reduce moisture loss in new growth and to promote vigor.